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Sudanese woman sentenced to death for apostasy rearrested after release

THE joy of Meriam Yahya Ibrahim, the Sudanese Christian woman who was sentenced to death for her faith, turned out to be short lived. She has reportedly been rearrested after release from prison.

Pak Christian lawmaker’s killer arrested

POLICE have arrested the killer of a Pakistani Christian lawmaker who was shot dead in the troubled Balochistan province. Handry Masih, a member of the Balochistan assembly, was killed by his personal bodyguard in the suburbs of provincial capital Quetta on June 16.

Mexican drug war opens doors for Christ

DRUG cartels are known for violence and death. However, their presence can also result in Gospel growth. Case-in-point: San Pedro, Mexico.

Walking pleasingly before the Lord

ENOCH learned to walk pleasingly before God in the midst of a wicked society. He was an ordinary man with all the same problems and burdens we carry, not a hermit hidden away in a wilderness cave, "hiding to be holy." He was involved in life with a wife, children, obligations and responsibilities.

Crisis in Iraq threatens Middle East stability

Now, there’s word that the United States is considering teaming up with Iran (Shiite) against the ISIS (Sunni) advance. It is an extreme move.

Bible translators inspired by Boko Haram

SINCE April, the insurgents have stepped up the frequency and brazenness of its attacks on villages in the region. For translation partners, this is a continuing and immediate threat to their families.

Developing faith in the Father’s love

IN this day and hour, we as God’s people are taking our rightful position…dedicating ourselves to God, renewing our minds with the Word, setting ourselves apart from the carnal ways of the world, committing ourselves to walk in the love of God.
Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham seeks support for Israel

FRANKLIN Graham, son of legendary Christian evangelist Billy Graham, urged fellow Christians recently to support the State of Israel, on both moral and religious grounds.
Cross and American flag

Buddhism second-largest faith in Alaska

THE Washington Post map found broad regional patterns in those faiths, with Judaism dominating the Northeast (as well as a few outlying states), while Islam was the second-most-adhered-to faith in the South and much of the Midwest.

Iraqi Christians take flight from under-siege Mosul

HUNDREDS of Christian families are among the estimated half-a-million Iraqis who have fled from the northern city of Mosul this week, after its takeover...
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Be a compassionate Christian

We need to show the heart of Jesus and to be compassionate to others. Today in prayer, thank Christ for His compassion toward you and seek to show His love to others.

Be thankful in all things

Be an overcomer!

Be patient

Unite with a church