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Get addicted to the Word of God!

Is getting addicted to something good? You might ask me what I mean, when I say get addicted. Such a question arises because usually the word addiction is related or combined with something negative.

Of Sreesanth, Phaneesh Murthy and sin!

FORMER Indian cricketer S Sreesanth and former outsourcing industry highflier and iGate chief executive Phaneesh Murthy were in the news for their alleged wrongdoings. Their offenses were not peccadilloes, every media outlet worth its news byte reminded us. They were grave crimes, sins if you will.

Christian school won’t let 12-year-old girl play football

STRONG Rock Christian School CEO Patrick Stuart told Maddy Blythe, 12, "that men and women are created equal but different, and he said that he prayed about it and it was the wrong thing to do," Maddy told WSB-TV. "I think it's kind of crazy and I think it's very archaic and he needs to get with the times."

Nik Wallenda walks by faith

IN his book Balance: A Story of Faith, Family, and Life on the Line, released this month by FaithWords, Wallenda discussed how his faith has influenced his personal life, his marriage, and his career goals.

Top female porn star finds Jesus

BRITTNI, who used the professional name Jenna Presley, started dancing to earn extra money as a freshman at Santa Barbara City College in 2005. Two men approached her after one of her performances and asked if she would like to make “romance movies.”

Send an SMS to book your train ticket in India!

SAY goodbye to internet. From July onwards booking rail tickets will be as simple as sending an SMS. Any mobile user can operate this system using handsets ranging from feature phones to smartphones.

Don’t buy gold for economy’s sake, Chidambaram tells Indians

"PEOPLE think that they are buying gold in rupees, actually they are buying gold in dollars... If for one year there are no gold imports, it will change the current account deficit story of the country," Chidambaram said.

5 lessons from the stupidest man in the Bible

WHO is the most brainless man in the Bible? We could make a long list of losers: Adam, Cain, Esau, Pharaoh, Saul, Ahab, Judas or Simon the Sorcerer. I love the fact that people’s mistakes aren’t whitewashed in the Scriptures.

Rise in pastors and churches using social media

IT seems not a month goes by without a social media brouhaha involving a high-profile Christian leader. Such was the case when a prominent pastor tweeted about the recent Oklahoma tornado in a manner that seemed to connect the deadly storm to an act of God’s judgment.

Malaria cases on the rise in Hyderabad: report

BARELY days into monsoon and the city has already witnessed an alarming jump in malaria cases, laying bare the poor vector control preparation by civic authorities.
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VIDEO: Business secrets from the Bible

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, author of 'Business Secrets from the Bible', reveals the clear link between financial success and staying true to your faith. Watch video!