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Netanyahu says Iran hasn’t crossed nuclear ‘red line’

ISRAELI Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday Iran had not crossed the “red line” he set for its nuclear program, despite an assessment to the contrary by a former Israeli intelligence chief, Reuters reported.
Israeli soldier

Israel evicts Palestinian villagers for army exercise

ISRAELI soldiers evicted several hundred Bedouins from a village in the occupied West Bank on Monday after the army declared the area alive-fire training zone.

Israel OKs barrier in Palestinian Christian area

A lawyer for a convent in a Palestinian Christian town near Bethlehem says she will appeal an Israeli court ruling allowing construction of a segment of Israel’s separation barrier through properties owned by the Vatican and Palestinian residents.

In China, Baptist relief presses into mountains

Xia Donghai was 900 miles from his family when word came April 20 that a major earthquake had struck his hometown. Unable to get...

MP child rape victim dies in Nagpur

SHE was raped in Ghansur town of Sioni district of Madhya Pradesh on April 17 and abandoned in a crematorium in an unconscious condition, police said.

Iranian pastor placed in solitary confinement

IN another effort to force Iranian pastor Saeed Abedini to recant his faith, prison officials in Tehran have placed him in solitary confinement, something the American Center for Law and Justice calls "perhaps his most grave situation since his imprisonment last fall."

Indonesian convicted of beheading 3 Christian schoolgirls escapes

A militant serving a 19-year prison sentence for beheading three Christian schoolgirls has escaped while visiting his sick wife and is still at large, Indonesian police said Friday.

Freed Iraqi pastor’s story one of faith and determination

A pastor imprisoned for his faith is released from an Iraqi jail after 21 months. CBN News has learned new information about what led to the release of Pastor Jamal. He's free now, thanks in part to a bold step taken by a U.S. Ministry and a U.S. Lawmaker.
Joe McKeever

The successful preacher’s constant temptation

JUST because people look at us when we stand to deliver a homily, we must not automatically think we possess knowledge, authority, or anything not available to the least among us. They could be listening for God.

2nd child of US couple dies after only praying

A couple serving probation for the 2009 death of their toddler after they turned to prayer instead of a doctor could face new charges now that another son has died.
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Nine killed in police firing in anti-Sterlite agitation in Thoothukudi

The chief minister also announced a compensation of Rs 10 lakh to the families of each of those killed, Rs 3 lakh to those seriously injured, and Rs 1 lakh for people who suffered minor injuries.