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Cal Thomas sees no future for America in Bible

Cal Thomas

AT the luncheon session, Thomas fretted about the rise of radical fundamental Islamic groups operating freely in America, how the military needs to be strengthened and reinforced, and the crisis in the country’s public education system.

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200,000 Syrians take refuge in Turkey, Iraq and Jordan

Syrian refugees

THIS is more than the estimate drawn up by the UN refugee agency. The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) had estimated 185,000 Syrians to flee the country by the end of the year.

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Warren Mainard is game for Seattle challenge

Warren Mainard

“To reach Seattle, it’s going to take much, much more than planting one more church. We need exponential, multiplication growth. We want multiplication to be in the DNA of all we do,” Mainard said.

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P P Job: The man who took the Gospel to 129 nations!

P P Job

SEVERAL years ago, my mother took me to a Gospel meeting in Chennai. I don’t remember how old I was then but I guess I was old enough to know the difference between a crusade and a meeting for the believers. The meeting I attended was intended to strengthen the faith of the believers.

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US church approaches Bible in novel way!

New Hope Community Church

When Rev. Malcolm MacPhail, lead pastor of Gilroy’s New Hope Community Church talks with people in places like Starbucks, they seem to have less and less familiarity with the notable people or events from the Bible. Even Christians seem to have meager knowledge of this foundation of their faith.

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George W Bush is a man of faith, says Obama

Barack Obama

“I didn’t agree with former President Bush on many issues, but I did respect him as a good husband, a loving father, and as a man of faith,” Obama said.

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Youcef Nadarkhani will face Iranian judge on Sept 8

Youcef Nardarkani

THE Iranian pastor who has spent more than 1,000 days in prison for his faith in Christ is headed back to court. Iranian authorities are demanding Youcef Nadarkhani face a judge in Iran on Sept. 8 to answer for “charges brought against him.”

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20% of blocked hate sites managed by Hindu groups: report

AROUND 20 percent of the web pages, blocked by the Indian government in the aftermath of mass exodus of North East Indians from various parts of the country to their home states, were uploaded by fundamentalist Hindu groups, a report in today’s Times of India said.

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Indian evangelist P P Job passes away

P P Job

INTERNATIONALLY known evangelist and Charismatic preacher Dr PP Job passed away yesterday, August 19, after suffering a massive heart attack.

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Be devoted to prayer

WE have a choice in life: we can attempt to do things on our own or we can join in partnership with God, petitioning His involvement in all that is done for His honor and glory.

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