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A Biography of Jesus

A Biography of Jesus: Book Excerpt

THE last six months of the earthly life of Jesus Christ are a travelog through the provinces of Judea and Perea. These six months represent a turning point in Jesus’s life. Some authors call it a period of opposition.
Rev Johnson V

The 7 characteristics of the church

HURCH is a group of people made by God who adds them to it. You might be the member of a local church, but God considers you as a member only when, you are born again and saved by the Word of God, through the life of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Joseph Dias

NGOs appeal to parties to consider Christian V-P for India

THE report said over a thousand persons including Bishops, priests, laity, nuns, NGOs and NRIs have appealed through an online forum to political parties to consider a Christian for VP in view of the singular contributions of the community to the nation.
Pastor Kong Hee and his wife

Singapore megachurch pastor held for ‘misusing’ church funds

PASTOR Kong Hee of City Harvest Church (CHC) in Singapore has been arrested along with four others for allegedly misusing $18 million in church funds.
Colorado wildfires

Colorado wildfires threaten ministry headquarters and staff

TENS of thousands of people have been evacuated to be kept safe from wildfires in the Colorado Springs area. Various fires merged to create an inferno of flames covering over 24 square miles of earth, according to the Associated Press.
Mother and child

Missionaries’ timely flight saves mother and child

NEW Tribes Mission has an aviation outreach to carry missionaries and those with whom they're sharing Christ quickly when needed. The expenses to immediate flight response are significant, though.
Euro 2012

Russian Ministries prints 100,000 New Testaments for Euro 2012

RUSSIAN Ministries is in Central Ukraine--the host country for the Euro 2012 finals--and they are partnering with local churches and 10 partners to spread the Gospel to the masses.

Owe no man anything

WHEN the governments convince the public that their economy depends upon everyone spending more, even if it means borrowing money that is not theirs, then foolish policies have taken over the nation.
Open Bible

How to understand God’s grace and its sufficiency!

And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9
David Singh

Love and punishment, God’s way!

EVERY parent makes mistakes and has regrets. To walk the thin line between love and discipline and to make discipline redemptive does not come easily. On the other hand, there is no greater joy for a parent than to see good children.
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VIDEO: Business secrets from the Bible

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, author of 'Business Secrets from the Bible', reveals the clear link between financial success and staying true to your faith. Watch video!