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Former US president Jimmy Carter publishes Study Bible

Jimmy Carter

JIMMY Carter, peanut farmer turned president turned globe-trotting humanitarian, now has another line to add to his business card: Bible commentator. Last week Carter published a Lessons from Life Study Bible, with the subtitle Personal Reflections with Jimmy Carter.

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Forgiving, when it hurts like hell!

I was on a train idly looking out the window on Feb 10 when a woman sitting beside me broke the news. A 15-year-old school student had stabbed a teacher to death in Chennai for reprimanding him.

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The illiterate Amma who prayed for nations

Grace Ida Rajan

BACK home in her village, she told me several times, she never knew what a bathing soap was. She did not have access to education of any sort. She came to our small town, after marrying a man who was working as a watchman in the one and only boy’s school in our town.

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The ‘Casual’ Middle East War

THE US president says he’s got Israel’s back. That is brave and gracious to publicly stand for Israel, and Israel truly appreciates it. But, unfortunately the verbal guarantee is no comfort when the reality is revealed.

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The Tree, the Temple and our Lord Jesus

Rev Johnson V

IN the week before His crucifixion, our Lord Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem. On the way, He saw a fig tree that was full of leaves. Generally, fig trees produce figs between February and April.

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It’s all about hymn!

Binu Joshua Thomas

RIGHT from his childhood days, Binu Joshua Thomas was exposed to so many churches, prayer groups and evangelical networks that almost every congregation in Chennai believes he is one among them.

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‘Israel only Middle East country safe for Christians’

Michael Oren

ISRAEL is the only country in the Middle East that is safe for Christians, Israel’s ambassador to the United States Michael Oren wrote in an op-ed column for the Wall Street Journal on Friday.

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Christians angry over ‘anti-Semitic’ conference

Jurgen Buhler

SEVERAL Christian groups have expressed opposition to the Christ at the Checkpoint conference that has been taking place in Bethlehem during the past week, accusing it of promoting doctrines that have inspired anti-Semitism.

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Netanyahu gifts Obama book of Esther, warns of threat to Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu

IN a pointed message to President Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave Obama a copy of the book of Esther, which recounts how Esther heroically prevented the massacre of Jews.

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Happy Women’s Day: What’s happy about being a woman?

Dowry deaths

WHILE gas stoves are used extensively across the world, only in India they always seem to burst and devour young brides. These so called ‘kitchen accidents’ are often engineered by greedy husbands and in laws for whom marriage is just another money-making proposal.

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