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Pak Christian minister can’t present Budget because of his faith

Kamran Micheal

KAMRAN Micheal the Provincial minister for the Human Rights also holds the additional portfolio of finance ministry after PML-N ( Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz group) broke its coalition with PPP in the Punjab Assembly.

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Shouwang Church standoff: China arrests 20 more believers

Chinese Christians

AS members of Shouwang Church continue to stand against Beijing police and the Chinese government, members of other churches are showing solidarity with the illegal congregation — to the point of getting arrested, too.

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David Crowder Band disbanding

David Crowder Band

AFTER more than a decade together, GRAMMY-nominated and Dove Award-winning David Crowder Band will disband after its current tour, the group has announced on its Web site.

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Nepal plans new law to forbid evangelism

Nepali Christians

FIVE years after it abolished Hinduism as the state religion, Nepal is working on a new criminal code forbidding a person from one faith to “convert a person or abet him to change his religion.”

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AG chaplains sent to devastated areas

Missouri tornado

THE tornadoes that roared through Mississippi and Alabama the last week of April left more than destroyed towns and buildings and death and destruction. It left those who rescued and ministered to victims with needs of their own.

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Tornado-hit Joplin mourning but resilient

Joplin aftermath

FUNERALS are in progress but chain saws also are buzzing in Joplin, Missouri, as the May 22 tornado victims mourn their losses and begin taking uncertain but determined steps to rebuild their lives.

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What you need to pray for in June, 2011


WE encourage you to use these points in your daily prayer as a family, prayer group or an individual. We would be glad if you take copies of these prayer points and share them with other believers in your church, prayer group or workplace.

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Beware of the breaches in your life!

Rev Abraham Thomas

REBUILDING starts with repair. In a building while doorways and openings are designed, breaches simply happen due to various reasons.

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Islamic group urges women to be ‘whores in bed’

Muslim women

A Malaysian women’s group has come under criticism for urging its members to be ‘whores in bed’ and obey their husbands to curb social ills like divorce and domestic violence, reports said.

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Egypt puts 48 on trial for church burning

St Mary Church in Cairo

EGYPT’S public prosecutor has referred 48 people for trial at the criminal court for being involved in the deadly sectarian violence that led to the burning of a church in the Cairo district of Imbaba last month.

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