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Archbishop of Canterbury

Remember persecuted believers: Rowan Williams

THE Archbishop of Canterbury has called on rich and poor alike to share in the hardships brought on by the financial crisis and cuts in public spending.
Nigerian Christians

Six Nigerian Christians killed in mob attacks

THE mob dragged a pastor from his home and shot him to death. The attackers also killed two members of the church choir and set the church building on fire.
Palestinian Christians

More Christians leaving middle east region

NATIVE Christians feel that the Holy Land may soon become a 'Christian Disney Land' where believers visit but never stay, CBN News reported.
Wilson Augustine

Pak Muslims try to burn evangelist alive

A Pakistani evangelist is still recovering from burns after six young Muslim beat him with sticks and belts and tried to burn him alive.
A wooden cross

Christianity world’s biggest religion, Islam catching up

IN 1910, Christians made up 34.8 percent of the world’s 1.75 billion people. Today, Christianity makes up only 33.2 percent of the 6.9 billion world population.
Gul Kripalani

‘Christian businessmen must talk about Jesus’

WHEN Gul Kripalani realized that it was Jesus who filled his nets with fish, he stopped crowing about his own talents that he thought were behind the success of his business.
Christians holding a placard

Fundamentalists target believers in Karnataka

A group of eight believers were beaten and dragged to the police station. Their crime? Conducting evening prayers.
Fr Thomas Chirattavayalil

Catholic priest working among MP tribals attacked

FATHER Thomas Chirattavayalil of Satna diocese of the Catholic church, who was posted in Odagady a remote mission station, was attacked at midnight of December 16 by masked men wielding weapons.
Christians at a relief camp in Orissa

Kandhamal Christians celebrate a peaceful Christmas

CHRISTIANS in Kandhamal district of Orissa, where large-scale violence was witnessed three years ago, celebrated Christmas peacefully.
Dr Binayak Sen

Protestant churches express support to Binayak Sen

THE National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) condemned the ‘unjust attitude’ of the Chhattisgarh government and described Sen’s conviction as a ‘politically motivated’ decision.
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Be a compassionate Christian

We need to show the heart of Jesus and to be compassionate to others. Today in prayer, thank Christ for His compassion toward you and seek to show His love to others.

Be thankful in all things

Be an overcomer!

Be patient

Unite with a church